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Water Wolf UW 1.1 HD Under Water Camera

Water Wolf UW 1.1 HD Under Water Camera

Product Information

Just a bit of background on the water wolf camera design process: it started out as a hobby project amongst a group of dedicated anglers who wanted to explore and understand more about the way fish react and behave. The designers had certain goals in mind when building this amazing camera- total waterproofness, long battery life, easy operation, light sensitivity and a discreet presence in the water. This camera was designed for anglers by anglers. It will be the anglers’ new best friend!

This underwater camera is specifically designed for fishing. It can be used for trolling, casting, float or bottom rig carp fishing.

The camera doesn’t only have to be used underwater – it operates above water too. You can attach the camera to your cap, sunglasses or fishing rod (using the neoprene pouch) to get footage of the fight with your fish, or alternatively you can attach it to your boat and get the whole picture.

For underwater footage, you can attach the camera to your line (using the line tube) and get awesome HD footage of your fish actually taking your lure. If you lose a big fish, watch your Water Wolf footage to see what happened.  The camera comes with three different weights – this ensures that the camera is the same weight as your lure (you use heavier weights for heavier lures etc.). The camera floats if no weight is added.

The camera records using a small 16 gig SD card. Remove the card and place it in your laptop or home entertainment system and watch and learn from what you recorded.

You cannot watch your footage on your Lowrance unit – it can only be viewed on laptops or entertainment devices that have an SD card slot.

The camera is very simple to use – there is only one button (the on and off button). It is extremely educating. And more than anything – it’s fun!

The Water Wolf Camera recently won 3 awards at the EFTTEX 2014 show:

  • Innovation of the Year
  • Best new accessory
  • Visitors' Choice



  • Waterproof down to 120 meters, which means it can be used for extreme deep-sea fishing
  • More shock resistant
  • Fitted with a 100% battery charge mark indicator
  • Adorned in a CamoTech Green Housing colour
  • Used for trolling, casting, float or bottom rig carp fishing
  • Uniquely designed and engineered in Denmark
  • Super Anti-wobling retrieve
  • 4 hours recording
  • Protected by 3 different patents

What's in the Box:

1. Water Wolf v1.1 Camera

2. USB Cable

3. Universal Fishing Mount

4. Universal Filming Mount

5. Bankstick Converter

6. EVA Flaot

7. Lens Protective Cap

8. Brass Weights (9g, 12g, 15g)



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