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C-Map Max Mega Wide - Southern Africa
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C-Map Max Mega Wide - Southern Africa

Product Information


C-Map NT+ marks another milestone in the evolution of the award-winning NT product that has been at the core of the best electronic charting systems for the past 5 years.

C-Map NT+ offers many improvements over the original NT, including improved chart display, increased chart coverage, lower prices and more choices. Through careful design and forward thinking, C-Map has ensured reverse-compatibility.

NT+ is the logical evolution of C-MAP's popular NT product line. Referred to as the 'next generation' of C-Map electronic charts, NT+ features much wider coverage areas at substantially lower prices. NT+ is built on the belief that the best can always be made better.


  • Object-oriented, vector charts: 'Intelligent' charts, as compared to raster or simple vector equivalents
  • Seamless coverage: Continuous panning within each of the coverage layers of any given navigation area
  • Faithful reproduction of official chart information: No inappropriate scaling, manipulation or dilution of original chart data
  • Greater coverage area: Get 4 times the coverage at the price you're accustomed to paying for NT electronic charts

This gives you:

  • New functionality
  • Extra information not found on official government charts
  • The most detailed, up-to-date electronic chart library in the world
  • Vastly expanded coverage: Important advances in technology now permit C-Map to offer significantly increased coverage areas without sacrificing compatibility or performance with current C-Card based navigating systems. This, in turn, has resulted in more coverage at a much lower cost


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