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GME GX300 Marine/Outdoor 27 / 29Mhz Base Radio 5W (black)

GME GX300 Marine/Outdoor 27 / 29Mhz Base Radio 5W (black)

Product Information    

The GX300 is an innovative new design incorporating both 27 MHz Citizen Band and 27 MHz Marine Band transceivers into one unit. Channel recall, dual watch, large back-lit display, very effective noise limiter and enviroment protected design (IP55) the GX300 covers virtually all aspects of 27 MHz communication on land or sea in one unit. The front mounted speaker provides loud clear reception and the channel controls on the microphone make operation easy.

The GX300 is supplied with a gimbal mounting bracket, but with a depth of just 70 mm, the GX300 is also perfectly suited to flush mounting (using the optional flush mount kit).

Available in either black or white, the GX300 allows the user to easily switch between CB and marine mode. The compact design is approximately one third the depth of all other 27 MHz radios, allowing for shallow flush mounting installations.



  • Large back-lit LCD display with lamp dimming function
  • Dual watch feature
  • Rotary squelch control
  • Ingress protection to IP55
  • Programmable memory channel scan
  • Remote channel change function microphone
  • Advanced noise limiter (NL) circuitry
  • Multiple mounting options (flush or gimbal mount)
  • User selection of Australian 27 MHz CB or 27 MHz marine channels
  • Front mounted speaker
  • Priority channel selector key
  • Available in black or white


Frequency to be programed
1. 29Mhz Marine
2. 29Mhz 4x4
3. 27Mhz 4x4
3. 29Mhz Marine & 4X4
4. 27Mhz & 29Mhz 4X4


Radio can be programmed for these Channels:

29Mhz - Marine Channels

  • Channel 19 (A) - calling and distress
  • Channel 6   (B) -  general communication
  • Channel 22 (C) -  general communication

29 Mhz - 4x4 Channels

  • Channel 14 - general communication
  • Channel 15 - general communication
  • Channel 16 - general communication

27 Mhz - 4x4 Channels (All old CB radio channels)

If you require a Radio programmed to different 29Mhz channels, we can do it on request!

Note: You require a radio licence to purchase this radio. If you already have one, we will request a copy of it, Radio licence application forms can be forwarded to you on request. The cost to apply for a licence is R210 once off application fee thereafter R55 per year.

Q's and A's for 29Mhz Radio's

1.  All you need Know about 29Mhz radio's

2.  http://www.orapabushclub.50megs.com/radio/radio.html

3.  http://www.beadbreaker.co.za/radio_qa.htm

4.  Icasa Licenses


Programming software for radio with Blue Backlight  

Programming software for radio with Orange Backlight 



Samsa Comments on 29Mhz radios – dated 24 October 2011
As a guideline, Category A to C vessels should be provided with a fixed radio installation while, Category D vessels could be provided with either fixed or hand-held radio’s – The owner/skipper should however motivate regarding his/her choice at the time of survey.
Regarding the continued use of 29 MHz radio’s it should be noted that these are no longer in commercial use and it is therefore extremely unlikely that distress communications will be received from passing ships. The use of 29 MHz should therefore be limited to area’s where specific shore stations are manned.    
It is thought that 29 MHz radio’s will be phased out in the short to medium term, however, numerous stakeholders need to be consulted as part of this process – SAMSA will endeavour to communicate any planned changes to the public in this regard in good time.
Yours in safety 
Greg Dirksen
Naval Architect - Surveyor : Cape Town Office
South African Maritime Safety Authority [SAMSA]


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