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C-Map 4D (SD Card) for Southern Africa, East Africa and Indian O
[C-map 4D]

C-Map 4D (SD Card) for Southern Africa, East Africa and Indian O

Product Information


CMap 4D helps you customize the way you cruise, sail of fish today and tomorrow. You can start off with the standard C-MAP Max features and upgrade to full CMAP4D as your needs grow or budget allows. Also full CMAP 4D can have additional Bathymetric Data from the start or upgrade later. 

Currently the new CMAP 4D maps are compatible with FurunoGP 1670/1870 series, Geonav G10 & G12 and Standard Horizon CPM series. Existing Max SD Cards will not work with the aforementioned models unless they are upgraded by paid card exchange.

New Features in CMAP 4D

  • Easy Routing - enter start and end points along with specific boat parameters and automatically receive waypoints of the shortest route; highlights potential hazards and displays varying levels of alerts for each rout segment; manually adjust the route
  • 3 dimensional chart view
  • Satellite images with 2D and 3D overlay
  • Digital Raster Charts with 2D and 3D overlay
  • 4th dimension option - Bathymetric data from same card


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